Here, we will tackle everything that has to do with multiplication in 4th grade.

2 - Digit Multiplication

Key Words
-sum - The answer of a multiplication problem.
-factors-the numbers you multiply with.
produc the answer on a multiplication problem.
times multiply.

Procedure step 1 . multiply by the ones step 4. add all numbers
step 2. put a zero
step 3. multiply by the tens

Multiplying is easy if you practice it a lot. At the beginning it might seem hard but it is easy.I can tell you that because my teacher,teacher Rondon told me it . I tried it out and it worked for me. If it worked for me it will definitely work for you keep rocking guys

3 - Digit Multiplication

Key Words
sum-the answer of a multiplication problem.
factors the numbers you multiply with.
**Procedure*For 3 digit multiplication you first need to multiply the first number on thesouth side not on the north with the number o*


Opinion how I was saying in two digit multiplication, it is realy easy you just need practice.You guys are shining too much you are learning too much somebody help please!!!


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